What is Energy Healing?

     Our world is made up of energy. You are energy; I am energy. The energy in our world can be measured scientifically by many means. The human energy field can be measured through electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal and visually. 

     I could continue to be super scientific, but the reality is that because our world and reality are made up of energy, this energy can be manipulated and ultimately used to alter our physical state and thus heal our bodies. "The human energy field is the manifestation of the universal energy that is intimately involved with human life." Brennan, B, 1987 By working with the energetic body I can positively affect the physical body and it's functioning.

     I have different modalities that I use and will determine which one best fits the needs of the client at the time of consultation.

     I offer in person, by appt. only and distance healings.  Because energy has no limitations, including space and time, you do not need to be in my presence to benefit from energy work. 

     Once you purchase your desired healing, I will contact you to make arrangements for the healing to take place.

Limited Time Offer
1 Hr distance Healing $60