A little about myself...


   I started my educational journey working towards my Psychology degree. Life had another path for me. Because of that "other path" I acquired my Master's Degree in Special Education.

     As well as, being a Certified Life Coach, Energy Practitioner, and Therapeutic Yoga Teacher with a trauma sensitive focus working with clients of all ages and abilities. I am also certified in Restorative yoga and currently working through my advanced yoga training.

     I am here to assist you on your journey as you move through transformation and growth in your personal and professional life!

     Lastly, it is my honor and privilege to facilitate and hold space for Women's Mystery teachings, through women's circles and more, keeping them alive and well for generations to come! 


My passions continue to grow like the roots of a tree and are creating a more solid foundation in Earth so that my branches can continue to nourish my community.